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Can You Tattoo Over Stretch Marks

Can you tattoo over stretch marks?

Tattoos have been, for centuries, and still are today, a way for an individual to express them self.  The word tattoo itself, is derived from two different words; a Polynesian word “Ta”, which means “To strike something,” and a Tahitian word “Tatau”, which means “To mark something”.

Despite the lengthy history of tattooing from one culture to the next, there are always other questions that need to be answered other than what type of tattoo you want, the color of the tattoo, and where on the body, someone would want that tattoo placed.  One such question that many would ask is, “Can you tattoo over stretch marks?”  The answer to that question is relatively easy.  Yes, and no.

Why yes, and no?

Technically, you can tattoo every part of your body, but to effectively tattoo over stretch marks or old scars takes a bit more talent from your tattoo artist.  It’s not just the type of tattoo that you need to be considering, depending on what type of scar or stretch marks that you’re trying to tattoo over, but what colors as well.  If your tattoo artist is relatively successful as his/her profession, then they may be able to cover up your stretch mark or scar effectively, bringing attention to the artwork in question, rather than to the scar underneath.  Far too often, a scar or stretch mark that is covered with a tattoo, shows through and ruins the artwork.

Of course, then, there are some stretch marks and scars on the human body that can never be covered up, despite the talent of the tattoo artist or the tattoo, and the scar or stretch marks will “shine” through your tattoo, and can never be covered up, regardless of how many times it gets “touched up”.

Are there any suggestions or recommendations to prevent damaging a tattoo from a stretch mark or scar?

Yes.  There are many ways to prevent the damage of a tattoo.  To start with, it would in the best interest

of anyone to ask themselves, “What can you do to remove the scar or stretch mark,” rather than ask , “Can you tattoo over stretch marks or scars?”  Why pay good money for a tattoo if it’s either going to be ruined by a stretch mark or a scar, and you’re just going to have to constantly pay to have the tattoo touched up and maintained?

There are many different alternatives to dealing with stretch marks or old scars.   Depending on the route that you want to go, there are many different stretch mark creams, not to mention, different minor surgeries or procedures that one can undergo to rid yourself of a specific scar or stretch mark.  Of course, each of these alternatives come with a different price tag, so choose carefully when determining which of these alternatives would be the best for your hard earned money.  Of course, one of the cheapest and most worthwhile alternatives is to remember that each scar or stretch mark is a reminder of an experience of your life.  Some people may think little of this alternative; others may not, but either way, it’s your body.