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Will A Spray Tan Cover Stretch Marks?

Trying to hide our stretch marks is something that pretty much all of us want to do; even if we have never consciously thought about it, I have been asked in the past if  having a spray tan will cover stretch marks; the truth is that it can hide stretch marks for some and not for others.

Getting A Spray Tan To Cover Stretch Marks

My best friend and I were looking for ways to hide our stretch marks and she suggested that we try a spray tan; now spray tans are not my “Thing” and I would rather have a “Natural” tan or none at all; but if she wanted to see if a spray tan would help hide her stretch marks then who am I to stop her?

A Natural Look

Spray Tan To Cover Stretch MarksWe went to the tanning salon and I was surprised how nice it was in there and how friendly the staff were; and while my best friend got a “Coat of paint” as I called it; I sat and read a magazine. When she came out of the spray tan section; I was surprised how natural the effect was and to be honest she did look good and her stretch marks seemed to be covered and she had a consistent color all over her skin. A few days later we met up and she showed me her stretch marks and while trying to hide a smile I said that yes; her stretch marks were considerably darker than the rest of her body (Despite the lady in the salon saying this “Might not” happen). The rest of my friends” tan had begun to fade and well; her stretch marks just stood out like a sore thumb. Much laughter ensued and once we had finally settled down it was then that we decided we would not just try to hide out stretch marks; we would try to remove them as well.

Although my best friend was not successful in hiding her stretch marks by getting a spray tan; there have

been stories of people who have successfully managed to hide theirs. I guess it all depends on how you react to the spray tan and the condition of your stretch marks.

Resolving To Remove Stretch Marks

Although my friend and I did have a huge laugh about how visible her stretch marks became; when the tan faded they just went back to normal and as I said earlier; we resolved to try to remove the stretch marks rather than just hide them.

It is a shame that the majority of us cannot hide our stretch marks by using a  spray tan; but then again I do suppose that it will stop a lot of people from going overboard and coming out orange.

Alternative Methods For Stretch Mark Removal

My best friend and I ended up buying some stretch mark cream and we stuck to using that and a Derma roller now and again.

If you do want to try to hide your stretch marks using a spray tan; please be warned that it may not work for you and it could in actual fact make your stretch marks stand out even more.